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Addiction can be a lonely illness,
            but you don’t have to face recovery alone.

Background - Chris Sharpe

Chris Sharpe is an Alcohol and Drug addiction counsellor with more than twenty years experience who offers one to one sessions at our clinic in Stratford upon Avon all within easy reach of the counties of Warwickshire, the West Midlands and Worcestershire.

Chris Sharpe

Chris has gained extensive experience through his position as the programme manager of the Addiction Treatment Unit of the Woodbourne Priory Hospital in Birmingham where he worked for more than ten years.
His qualifications include a post graduate diploma in Addiction Counselling gained through a two year course at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

He is also carries Professional Civil Liability Insurance through Howden Professionals.
His practice has also given him a good working relationship with Drug and Alcohol teams and the fellowship of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous etc.

One to One Addiction Counselling

Most addiction clients come from a world of chaos and confusion.
This could be mental confusion, emotional and or physical confusion.
In all probability there will also be chaos in relationships, social life and in the work place.
Chris believes that to work with an addiction client is to offer him or her sanctuary from this chaos, a state of refuge, where both the counselling process and the counselling place become points of hope.

Addiction Treatment Programme at Home

Addiction is complex, as are the many related problems and causes.
In some cases weekly one to one therapy sessions may not be enough for an individual to manage the chaos of their addiction as well as focusing completely on their recovery, yet not everyone can afford the time and expense of staying in a residential treatment centre.

If appropriate it is possible to have same therapy in your home carried out by your own personal therapist, without the inconvenience and at a fraction of the cost of residential treatment.
As an alternative to one to one sessions Chris also offers a Unique programme tailored to suit the clients specific needs and carried out in the comfort of their own home.

For a period of ten weeks he will visit you in your home twice a week at convenient times and cover all aspects of recovery, including ongoing support in order that you can lead a healthy, productive and sober life.
Where necessary, he will also make available support to your family and friends and those who have been affected by your addiction.

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The acknowledgment of an alcohol or drug problem within the family is a daunting prospect.
The decision to ask for help either for yourself or for a family member can also be frightening and overwhelming, the need to make emotional and behavioral challenges, equally daunting, Yet counselling can be an ideal opportunity for you or your family to heal.

For one to one Counselling or the addiction treatment programme at home


You never find yourself
            until you face the truth.

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The acknowledgement of an alcohol or drug problem within the family is a daunting prospect.
The decision to ask for help for yourself or your family can also be frightening and overwhelming; the need to make emotional and behavioural challenges, equally daunting.

Yet counselling can be an ideal opportunity for you or your family to heal. It offers the chance to communicate openly in a safe environment, to let go of resentments, to create new ways to cope with adversity, to build more intimacy, and effect positive change.

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