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Chris Sharpe is also an associate of Twin Rivers Rehab in South Africa

Twin Rivers in South Africa

Occasional Addiction Workshop

As part of on-going therapy, Chris runs occasional workshops. These take the form of discussion groups of generally six to eight people debating a short pre-chosen, addiction related presentation. The purpose being to enhance the recovery process by creating greater understanding; to offer an additional support network and to provide unity of purpose.

The following presentations have been included in recent workshops and are now available for you to view online or download. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the presentations, please feel free to Chris.

Click to download shame1. Shame
598 KB download

Click to download the process of acceptance2. The Process of Acceptance
573 KB download

Click to download emotional wellness3. Emotional Wellness
2.6 MB download

Click to download self esteem4. Self Esteem
180 KB download

Click to download principles of the programme5. Principles of the Programme
74 KB download

Click to download the drama triangle6. The Drama Triangle
205 KB download

Click to download the Id, the ego and the superego7. The Id, The Ego and the Superego
634 KB download

Click to download God and Spirituality8. God and Spirituality
802 KB download