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Chris Sharpe is also an associate of Twin Rivers Rehab in South Africa

Twin Rivers in South Africa

Chris Sharpe Addiction Therapy Testimonials

"Chris has been so helpful at a difficult time. He is very calm and caring and has given me very useful advice. I would not hesitate to recommend him."

"I feel like a new person and when I look back to how I was a year ago I hardly recognise myself.... I finally have a life! Of course it's all down to you to which I can't thank you enough."

"Yesterday I celebrated being panic attack free for one year exactly, which was an excellent, positive way to start the New Year, plus I never thought it possible. You’ve helped turn my life around."

"For the last 18 months I have not taken any drugs, this is something I was unable to achieve on my own - and my drug using had been rife for 17 years! Chris Sharpe is very much an essential person and part of my life now, which has seen great improvements in all aspects."

"The help you have given me has been first class and I really am starting to believe in myself again. You have given me so much I will never be able to thank you."

"Chris has been so helpful at a difficult time. He is very calm and caring and has given
me very useful advice. I would not hesitate to recommend him."

"It is with great pleasure that I write this Testimonial for Mr Chris Sharpe. ... I found Mr Sharpe sympathetic and understanding. Even at this initial meeting he put me at my ease and I felt I could put my trust in him. During all my consultations with Mr Sharpe I have found him extremely courteous. At each meeting, it was apparent that Mr Sharpe had given great thought to what had been discussed at the previous meeting and put forward his own opinions and views. I found this most encouraging. As time went on, I found I could engage with him thus giving me the encouragement and incentive in being positive to continue forward towards the goal which he wished me to achieve.

I appreciate everyone needs a different approach, but may I say the advice and help which Mr Sharpe gave to me have been totally beneficial. His compassion, deep-thinking and concern and understanding of what you are going through and what you had been going through gave me a great sense of well-being and taught me to think constructively and positively about not only the present but the future.

I cannot thank Mr Sharpe enough for his counselling. He has helped me regain my self-esteem and confidence, and my refusal to be allowed to be intimidated, enabled me to find my inner strength and to think and act in a positive way. I know this because of the manner in which people respond to me. I have been very fortunate to have met Mr Sharpe and through his dedication, advice and wisdom, has helped me to take back control of my life which I am now enjoying to the full."

"After a month in the Priory Clinic for alchohol abuse I was released and prepared by the clinic to start every day life. I knew on leaving the safety of the clinic there would be alot more support needed to cope with my Alcoholism in every day life. AA was a strong crutch but I needed to understand what was said in the fellowship and when uncertain feelings and situations came along this is when Chris Sharp came in. Chris enabled me to understand my fears of addiction to hiding behind the chemicals I used to use and most of all to understand the 12 steps of AA which in turn progressed me onto a spiritual programme which I now understand fully.

Working with Chris enabled me to stay happy, understand times when I wasnt happy and how to put myself back in the right space without using Alchohol or other Drugs. The Clinic did a great job stopping me drinking and using, but Chris was the most important part of my recovery for staying stopped and moving forward into a productive and happy life which I now treasure more than any amount of money could buy. This is for the reader if you want to escape the isolation caused by Alchohol and drugs and the terrible loneliness caused by addiction, Chris has the keys for the door to freedom."